It was a great pleasure to create this recap for I-O Messe and the 2015 Tattoo Convention.
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Waking up to a friend request from such a famous photographer doesn't happen often lol. So I was kindof in shock when Ben Wong hit me up and asked if I would like to be part of this amazing story. His work only pales in contrast to his awesome heart. An inspiration to everyone he meets. It was an honor to shoot for him.

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This impromptu promo shoot was a blast. We lit the whole thing with a $30 LED light and an iPhone haha!
More hotness from Idar-Oberstein
A highlight of this years Mille Bitburg paintball event with a focus on my brothers in arms, Armed Force Paintball Team. These guys rocked it and finished 4th out of 30+ teams. Right on fellas. #SHARKS
This is one hot summer chill spot.
Winner WInner Chicken Dinner!! Woohoo!!
Video contest submission for DJI's 24h Race at the Nurburgring 14-17 May.
Shot over the course of 4 days as we camped out on the racetrack.
The video tells the rest of the story.
Super dope bike company out of Saarbrucken Germany. Had a great time shooting these guys.
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A short promo I put together for a good friend of mine.
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